Since this is one of the very first posts I am putting out there on the web, I thought I would give everyone a bit of my background.

I studied at the University of Evansville for my undergraduate coursework. Upon graduation, I moved to Bluffton, Indiana to complete my six-month internship at Bi-County Services where I worked with adults with developmental disabilities. Right before I moved, I met my husband, who also lived in Evansville, so when I finished my internship, I moved back home to Evansville. This was definitely not my original plan but I trusted that somehow things would work out.
Fast forward to 6 and a half years later. It took some time but I finally found work (sometimes more than I can really handle) and I have had a broad variety of experiences during that time. I’ve worked with adults and children with developmental disabilities, hospice patients, adults with Alzheimer’s Disease, geriatrics, individuals with substance use issues, and adults, children, and adolescents with mental disorders and behavioral problems. During this time, I also completed a Masters degree in Music Therapy from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

Currently, I work two to three days a week at a psychiatric hospital and spend two days doing private contracts that consist of long-term care facilities and an adult psychiatric facility. I also teach piano lessons, play for weddings, and substitute as the organist or pianist at a local church a couple of times a month. In September, I am offering a music and wellness course for adults, so I am waiting to see if I will have enough participants to teach a class. Obviously, I keep myself very busy! That being said, there are some changes at the psychiatric hospital that will be happening on Oct. 1. I may still have some opportunities to do some work there but my hours will be cut drastically. While this isn’t great, it will allow me to develop some other ideas that I have had waiting in the wings for some time now. When one door closes, another door opens!

Anyway, that’s me in a nutshell! I hope to post here in this blog regularly and share some of my ideas and thoughts about my work and music therapy in general as we continue to grow as a profession. I also look forward to joining the ranks of other music therapy bloggers out there!

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